Friday, May 7, 2010

Glikko (Brazillian Neobux)

Hello there my fellow. I want to ask you some question here.
"Who don't know or never heard about Neobux?"
I guess nobody in ptc business don't know it yet. But what about Glikko?
I bet there isn't much that know about this ptc. Well, maybe it is because this ptc sites is new and still in beta phase.

This sites is getting my attention because the design is similar to old neobux design (similar not same).
Anyway, let's see what this sites offer:
Standard Member
$0.01/ click
$0.005/ ref click
$2 minimum payout

And let's see what is my offer.
I offer you 80% refback (it is low because this sites is still new but i will increse it)
click here to join

And remember to contact me after join. For more information you can e-mail me.
My e-mail is in "how to get refback" page.

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