Friday, May 7, 2010

Glikko (Brazillian Neobux)

Hello there my fellow. I want to ask you some question here.
"Who don't know or never heard about Neobux?"
I guess nobody in ptc business don't know it yet. But what about Glikko?
I bet there isn't much that know about this ptc. Well, maybe it is because this ptc sites is new and still in beta phase.

This sites is getting my attention because the design is similar to old neobux design (similar not same).
Anyway, let's see what this sites offer:
Standard Member
$0.01/ click
$0.005/ ref click
$2 minimum payout

And let's see what is my offer.
I offer you 80% refback (it is low because this sites is still new but i will increse it)
click here to join

And remember to contact me after join. For more information you can e-mail me.
My e-mail is in "how to get refback" page.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


How are you ptc earners? Got any $ here? I hope so.
Today I will introduce you to a unique ptc that is using microsoft silverlight.

For all of you that don't know what is Ms. Silverlight...
It is a tools like adobe but this is from Microsoft. If you using this, then you will load this sites very fast. And don't afraid of trojan or virus in it. Because you will download it directly from Microsoft.

Now let's go to the deal:
Manobux offering:
Standard Member
$0.008/ click
$0.004/ ref click
$2 first cashout.
There is 5 ads daily

My offer is:
100% refback without sign up bonus
$0.003/ click + $0.1 sign up bonus that will be send after you click ads for 3 days.
click here to join
remember to visit "How to Get Refback Page"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Refback at Cashat

Hello there all of my friends. How are you? Hope you all have a very good condition (and money too).
This time i want to introduce you all to a program (maybe a website) named CashAt. This is a matrix like program, where you will earn by refer another person.

You will pay membership fee for one year that only worth $3 (only via Alertpay). Remember $3/ year, and you get all of the e-book inside the member area, and will earn when someone sign up as your refferal. It is 3 level deep:
1st level: $2/ refferal
2nd level: $0.5/ refferal (Your refferal downline)
3rd level: $0.25/ refferal (The downline of the 2nd level)

Cashout only $2 via Alertpay. That means you can cashout when you get 1 refferal.

My offer:
If you sign up under me, i will give you 50% of my earning that means $1 after i confirmed you join under me. I will pay via alertpay and paypal.
Leave your paypal in your comment or e-mail me (you can see my e-mail at the "how to get refback" page)

My link:

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello there my fellow marketer, how are you doing? Earn much lately?
Hope the best for you all.
Just to let you know that i got another sites for refback here.
Let me introduce you to Epicbux

Anyway, enough chit-chat and this is the feature of this sites:
This sites has many ads (around 19-21 ads for standard)
You can get $0.05-$0.06 daily just by clicking ads and read ads (this is for standard)
The payout for standard member is $5 (rather high, i think)
They offer 10% refferal earning for standard member and more if you upgrade
The upgrade is as following:
Weekly $1,49
Monthly $5
Yearly $22,99
Life time $79,99

I offer 100% refback for this sites. Just e-mail me with the format that i have write in "How to Get Refback" page.
You can join here

Happy earning for all of you


IDR-Clickit is an Indonesian largest PTC. It has been online for 1 year.
This sites can pay via local bank and paypal for International member.
It is instant payment for paypal.

The sites is in Indonesian language, and this is what the websites give (Standart Member)
rp. 50/ click-------------$0.005
rp. 25/refferal click-----$0.0025
The minimum payout is rp.20.000---$2

My offer is 100% refback for this sites
click here to join

Sites translation:
Nama Bank: bank name (choose random BCA or Mandiri)
Atas Nama Rekening: bank account name just fill it with your name
No. Rekening: account number (fill it 10 digit random)
Provinsi: state (choose random)
Lihat iklan : view advertisement


Hello there Fellow marketer.
I would like to give you an offer for the first sites called "Neobux"
I believed many of you have heard it and even joined it but for the one who don't joined yet, you can join under me and get refback from me

I will give you 100% referal cashback if you join me

This sites offer
$0.01/ click
$0.005/ refferal click
$2 minimum payout.

Joined by clicking here